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About Us

Serisys is a financial technology provider to capital markets, headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Bangkok and London.

Over the last four years, Serisys has built ADYPT CLOUD, the most advanced, Cloud-based, post-trade processing system in the world.  The Applications and Application Frameworks are built in Hong Kong, London and Bangkok, and the Platform is built in London.

In Thailand, Serisys provides a mission critical trading Software as a Service, with IT infrastructure colocated at the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s data centre.

The name Serisys, or 思新 in Chinese and Japanese means ‘New Thinking’. ‘Ser’ in English means ‘Chinese’ as well as ‘of silk’.

The Serisys Name
  • Chinese

      • [Click on the character to see the brush strokes order]

      • [Sīsīn (Mandarin); si1 san1 (Cantonese)]
      • New Thinking

  • Japanese

    • セリシス
      • [思新(ししん)中国語]
      • 新しい思考
      • New Thinking

  • English

    • Seri-

      • From latin ser, seris, n
        1. Chinese (people)
        2. inhabitants of region beyond Scythia and India

    • -sys

      • From system (n)
        1. A set of things working together as a mechanism or interconnecting network. From Greek sustema, from sun- ‘with’ + histanai ‘set up’.