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"Since joining Serisys, I have been impressed by the energy, passion, sense of purpose, and the bonding of the whole Serisys team."

Her Thoughts

My previous experience working in international banks was always where separate teams were responsible for development and support of different systems, and it was a lengthy bureaucratic process to get career exposure in other areas. I joined Serisys one year ago, attracted by the growth potential of the firm and its business model working with the latest technology solutions.

In Serisys, team responsibility is not defined per system. Everyone has the opportunity to gain exposure to our different solutions. During the first couple of months, I was involved in a number of client demonstrations in different processing areas of our Back Office System(BOS). This was a new challenge for me and I had a steep learning curve to get myself up to speed on the system functionality. During the second half of 2009, I had a fruitful experience working in Singapore at one of our clients sites for a BOS project implementation. It is a privilege to work in Serisys and have the opportunity to work with people from all over of the world. Everyone exhibits good teamwork helping us achieve quality results more quickly on project after project.


Pearl was born and raised in Hong Kong and emigrated to Canada during school days. She has a BSc from University of Calgary, Canada. She joined Serisys in February 2009 after 10 years with a Swiss investment bank in Hong Kong. She likes to hike, run, and share new recipes with friends in her spare time.