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Working at Serisys

Serisys is an ambitious company which provides Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) to banks, brokers and exchanges. We have carefully shaped a vibrant and supportive culture based on our experience in major investment banks and top consulting firms. We value innovation and creativity as well as the diversity of all our people.

Our values are:

  • We make friends - all relationships are important to us.
  • We innovate - all ideas are welcome.
  • We work together - the team is stronger than any one of us.
  • We take responsibility - each of us strives to achieve our best professional quality.

In our services business, we find it important to hire only the brightest people with the right attitude. Our talented people are trusted to perform to their very best, and they respect each other highly for their complementary skills and experience.

You will doubtless work long hours from time to time, especially when tight client deadlines loom. You will be expected to work out a problem yourself. However, one common trait and an important value we share is that we will always go out of our way to help each other, knowing that this will assist Serisys in reaching our common goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations.

ADYPT CLOUD uses open standards and best of breed enterprise capable open source technologies for increased openness, security, interoperability, quality and auditability.


We work with the latest technologies and platforms such as

  • Spring Framework for development
  • JPA and Hibernate for object to relational mapping
  • jBPM or Actviti for process execution
  • Javascript, Google Web Toolkit for web client functions
  • JMS (Java Messaging)
  • JCE (Java Cryptography)
  • JDBC (Java relational database connectivity)
  • FIX (financial services messaging)
  • XML for external data interchanges
  • Groovy for rule driven scripting
  • Oracle and MySQL.

Upon joining Serisys you will be trained in one or more of our solutions. New joiners are often twinned with more experienced colleagues for on-the-job training and mentoring.

We understand that a meaningful career path is an important factor in selecting an employer. Our culture rewards talent and contribution, and we will always give additional responsibilities to those who are ready and who will grow from the experience.

If you think you have got what it takes, would enjoy making a difference and adding to our clients’ success, we would love to hear from you.


Tim Marsh
Chairman and CEO