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The future of trade processing, available today

ADYPT CLOUD – Post Trade Processing

ADYPT CLOUD is the most advanced

post-trade processing system available today


ADYPT CLOUD flexibly supports the post-trade processing requirements of any participant in the capital markets ecosystem and manages complex workflows across a range of business functions.


ADYPT CLOUD addresses all aspects of a business: customers, workflows, processes, products and corporate structures.


In ADYPT CLOUD, process drives everything, and its architecture maximises resilience, scalability, extensibility and increased flexibility while fully exploiting the elastic capability of the Cloud.

ADYPT CLOUD’s overall architecture of Applications, Application Frameworks and Platform decouples Business Process changes (e.g. adding a new product or business unit) from Technology changes (e.g. program code or database).


The Application Framework includes a library of standard, extensible and dynamic models which describe common behaviours in capital markets.


To develop new behaviours and process paths, functional blocks describing various possible steps in a workflow are combined dynamically.


ADYPT CLOUD has exceptionally high levels of security and control built into the Platform. Every change to every attribute of every field is journalled for full and transparent auditing of use and performance metrics.

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