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DECIDE SaaS – Multi-Asset Trading and Order Management

DECIDE is a state-of-the-art trading and order management system built by pdv Financial Software GmbH in Germany. 

Serisys provides DECIDE Software as a Service (SaaS), co-located at a Stock Exchange’s data centre, for institutional and retail trading.



  • A complete institutional and retail brokerage solution with rich functionality on a single, flexible and resilient platform
  • OMS-EMS: the heart of DECIDE - integrates all order flows, regardless of channel, for superior multi-venue trading control
  • Highly scalable and resilient, low latency architecture supporting very high volume, in-memory trading
  • Automated trading: fully integrated module provides the lowest possible latency through tight coupling with the OMS-EMS and in-memory risk data
  • Risk management: real time, integrated, market and credit, derivatives and cash
  • Decision support: “what if” simulations for worst case loss limits / stress tests
  • Powerful Best Execution / Smart Order Routing
  • Interfaces: standard FIX 4.4 / 5.0, FIX-FAST and native European and Asian trading venues
  • Delivered by Application Service Provision (ASP) or Enterprise implementation



  • Can implement a single platform for best in class trading, risk management, decision support across multiple instruments
  • Can be implemented module by module as required
  • Rules-based workflows allow easy fit with your firm’s business model and risk structures as they evolve
pdv-DECIDE supports advanced trading and risk management in one integrated and scalable platform

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